World environment day

Its June 5, a World Environment Day.

On this awareness day, people around the world are encouraged to participate in activities that benefit the environment. Although, it may appear to be just a step towards keeping our planet functional, there is more at stake. Connection with the environment, and living in a healthy nature can impact general health and especially Mental health.

Technology, Automation and Disposability have resulted in the environment being something we “consume” rather than “partner with”, and is contributing to the isolation that many struggling with psychiatric illness also struggle with.
Caring towards environment often reflects how you take care of yourself. Respect for environment often emanates from a respect for self.

Mental health benefits greatly from being more social, being more connected with the outer world and from spending more time outdoors. Besides, it can also infuse a sense of meaning and purpose, and even result in modelling healthy behaviours for children.

Not only we feel a sense of belonging on connecting with something larger than us, but also Seeing our investment and actions result in something good, can instil a sense of well-being.

Being in nature, we feel relaxed and safe. We heal. It heightens our sensory perceptions and enhances our living experiences. Most importantly, we learn to appreciate our lives and others more deeply!

Take some time out in nature on this World Environment Day. Try it out for yourself, and bring others with you.