Quit Smoking

Here are some strategies that can help you quit smoking.

To quit smoking may not be an easy task. For many, it may take multiple attempts to overcome smoking. If you have failed at your previous attempt, think about the possible factors that led you to relapse. What helped you to deal with the cravings and what didn’t? Don’t give up! If last attempt at quitting didn’t work, consider this time.

Quitting to smoke abruptly, may not always work. A process of gradual cutting down on your smoking might actually work.
It can be done by
1. Delay your first smoke of the day as late as possible.
2. Smoke only half of each cigarette.
3. Progressively increase the time duration in between smokes.
4. Restrict to Buying only one pack of cigarettes at a time.

Learn to cope with the cravings.

Don’t give in. If you do feel like smoking, wait for 10 more minutes. Cravings are like waves. They come and they go, and last only for some minutes. You must find a way to distract yourself from the urge, since tobacco cravings usually pass within minutes.

Exercising physically is a good way to distract you from tobacco cravings. A moderate level of physical activity for 30 min can reduce the craving considerably.

Situations where you smoked or used tobacco most often, triggers an urge or craving to smoke. Identify these situations that triggered tobacco cravings, and avoid them.

Do not hesitate to seek expert or professional help for tobacco smoking. Easy and affordable treatment options are widely available. Anti craving medications, nicotine patches, gum etc are very effective, and can help reducing the withdrawal symptoms. Underlying stress, Depression, Anxiety problems are very commonly associated and must treated accordingly. Developing a supportive social system is key. With professional help and suitable treatment, one can successfully be able to quit smoking within couple of weeks.