The #MeToo movement has certainly given some hope in having a supportive network and deter sexual predators, but the dating dynamics may never be the same again. Men shall continue to flirt but now they will need to be more cautious.

Doing what can be perceived as a sexual harassment is major concern faced by men today. Dating will be a challenge, esp. in the times when masculinity is getting blurred and women are seeking guy who can take the lead.

It can be very difficult to differentiate flirting from sexual harassment esp. when it is possible for something to still be considered sexual harassment even if it was unintentional.

The basic difference that lies between flirting and sexual harassment is of intent and reciprocation.

Sexual harassment is an act or behaviour of imposing yourself on the victim irrespective of their will. Flirting is about navigating waters of someone be interested in you and being charming, rather than imposing yourself onto that person.

Workplace relationships will need more caution, esp. in situations where the personal and professional boundaries could seem blurred like bar, hospitals, etc.

One should stay safe when going on first date, particularly if it is with someone you don’t know much about, or you have only known that person online. Seek out for help if something on a date makes you feel uncomfortable.

You can be more attentive for physical and verbal cues. Moving away, avoiding eye-contact could also be some indications for your behaviour being non-reciprocal and the person be not interested in you. You should stop if one expresses directly or indirectly their discomfort over your remarks and jokes.

Strictly avoid making superficial judgement particularly over someones clothes. What one is wearing is not your business and certainly not an invitation for you to touch them. ‘can I say she looks nice?’, certainly not a good idea!

While #MeToo might certainly play an important role in changing negative behaviours and attitudes, men paying for first dates shall no longer be a polite gesture. Even Bollywood stars might struggle on the dating scene!